Amarillo SEO Beginner’s Guide

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Amarillo SEO Beginner’s Guide

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What is Amarillo SEO and why is it important?

If Amarillo SEO has you scratching your head and wondering “what in the world”, then you’re in the right place. In fact, there may be no other local search engine optimization resource like it. Namely, one that marks out in detail to give you the basis of SEO as it relates to SEO for Amarillo small businesses.

Generally speaking, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When search optimization is done right, it increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. That is to say the more of the right kind of traffic that lands on a web page, the better your chances of converting them into customers and increasing your bottom line.

A website is no stronger than its SEO.

The success of your website is expressly dependent on the strength of your SEO. To put it another way, every especially significant thing that happens on a web page can be traced back, in one way or another, to how high your web pages rank on a web search engine. So long as you rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP), the more traffic you will enjoy. All of this is due to SEO.

Therefore, let it be established right from the start of this post that search engine optimization is vital to every online business. Accordingly every small business owner with a website in Amarillo TX needs to read this post. Because, if we’re going to have a successful online presence, it is incumbent upon a basic understanding of Amarillo SEO.

What is a web search engine?

A web search engine also called an Internet search engine is made up of a number of separate, interdependent components, programs, and configuration files designed to do a search of the web to retrieve relevant information in response to a textual search query. Search engines go through billions of web pages and evaluate each piece of content according to complex algorithms to decide which content is most likely to answer a search query.

A modern search engine like Google analyzes thousands of factors to determine which web pages rank higher than others in a SERP. A GoogleBot crawls, indexes and catalogs all this information continually. It’s the present-day Yellow Pages. Moz calls an Internet search engine an answer machine.

Google search results explained.

When you type in a search query on Google, a results page shows up with a whole bunch of things on it. A lot of the elements look the same which makes it hard to know what you’re seeing. WebFX wrote an excellent article discussing most of the standard SERP features found in Google search results. These are summarized below.

Organic listings

Organic listings are the listings in the search results that point to a web page. The most basic organic link has a title, meta description, and a URL.

Paid advertisements

Paid advertisements, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, usually appear at the top and bottom of the search results and have a tag that says “ad” to indicate paid content.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets appear as a block of text that answers the search query succinctly. They appear near the top of the search results, before organic listings.

Knowledge graphs

A knowledge graph is the box on the right side of generic search results that contains basic information, usually from Wikipedia, about companies, celebrities, historical figures, and more.

“People also ask” section

The “People also ask” area provides users with a list of common questions people ask about a topic. When you click on the question, an answer appears with a title and URL.

Local SEO 3-pack

A local SEO 3-pack shows up for users that conduct a local search, Google lists three local businesses along with a map that fit the search query.


Carousels appear at the top of the search results as a line of clickable images that relate to the search query.

Video results

A search results page may generate a few related YouTube videos. These appear as thumbnails with a title, tag, description, and published date.

Twitter posts

When you search for a famous person or a branded search, you may see tweets from Twitter in the search results with previews that you can click to view on Twitter.

Answer boxes

Answer boxes appear in the search results when users ask a question that contains quick public domain knowledge.

Product shopping and showcase shopping ads.

Product shopping and showcase shopping ads appear when you search for a specific product the product shopping ads appear to provide you with options for different places to buy that item. Showcase ads appear when users don’t know what product they want or where to buy it.

Google AdWords and SEO are two different marketing strategies.

One of my friends manages a company that pays Google AdWords $30,000 per month to get traffic to his website. Each click through on a Google AdWord costs him about $10 which translates to 3,000 visitors per month.

Now the crazy thing is that the website is not optimized for search. There is almost no SEO, which makes it overly dependent on Google AdWords for most of its traffic. This is not a good longterm strategy. There’s a better way.

Google AdWords and SEO are two completely different strategies for generating web traffic. One is paid advertising. The other is organic. You need both to be a successful search engine marketer. One layers on top of the other.

With AdWords and SEO, the customer is coming to you. This allows you to develop sales funnels on high-value web pages. When it’s done right, the combination of the two causes a higher customer conversion rate. Another term for this strategy is inbound marketing.

When it comes to generating traffic, SEO is king.

No Internet marketing strategy to generate traffic to websites is more effective than Amarillo SEO. Let me put it another way, the main part of online traffic is driven by search engines. This kind of traffic is called organic because it is free.

Evergreen SEO gains traffic over time.

Steeple SEO consultants, what we call SEO guides, do evergreen SEO. It’s all done by hand. Bespoke. Original. Doing search engine optimization this way means that it’s set up correctly and pays dividends over time. This creates a traffic snowball effect. A solid piece of content that deserves to be on page one is hard to displace. It gains traffic over time.

Is Amarillo SEO important? Are you kidding?! Yes, vitally important for any Amarillo business. Optimizing your site pays huge dividends. You cannot compete online without it.

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