Content Marketing for Amarillo Business

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Content Marketing for Amarillo Business

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Boost your web traffic, build your brand, and fuel your SEO strategy with results-driven content marketing.

Content marketing has been around for a while and it’s here to stay because it really works. It is one of the most effective local SEO strategies you can do. Successful brands use content marketing services to reach potential customers, get more quality leads, and to build their customer base. It is a powerful inbound marketing approach to drive traffic to your website as well as to reach and engage a very targeted audience. Who would have thought that creating a piece of content with clear call to action could have so many benefits. Below, we’ll cover three benefits of using a content marketing strategy to grow your Amarillo business. We didn’t come up with these on our own. This is a remix of a blog post by Sherman Standberry at Lyfe Marketing.

Three BIG benefits of content marketing and how it can grow your local Amarillo small business.

    1. Compelling content drives conversions. Companies that develop an editorial calendar and consistently create quality content over time have six times higher conversion rates, i.e., the percentage of users who take a desired action, than companies that don’t do it. That’s the good news. But there is a cost. It takes time, money, and talent to do keyword research for search engines, create content, integrate email marketing, share on social social media, and do press releases. The payoff is out there. But it may take six months of content creation to get there.
  1. High-quality content will bring more traffic to your site. It will take some dogged determination, remarkable consistency, and bull-dog perseverance. You may need to employ an Amarillo SEO Agency like us to crank out the amount of work it will require to get to your goal. But it will be worth it when you do. According to HubSpot, companies that posted more than 16 blog posts per month got 3.5 times more traffic than those that published once a week.
  2. Build brand awareness with useful content that wows target buyers. Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of creating great web content. There are customers out there who are a perfect fit for your products or services, but they haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover your brand. An inbound marketing strategy works to your Amarillo SEO advantage.

Use content marketing to build your Amarillo small business into a national brand.

As more businesses are waking up to the potential of what inbound marketing brings to the table and how it is an effective SEO tool to bring in prospective buyers from around the world, it has become the go to digital tool for lead generation and sales. Amarillo, Texas is pretty isolated in the Texas Panhandle. Content marketing is the most effective means to create a regional or national brand. Let our content marketing team create an integrated strategy to grow your small business into an online powerhouse.

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