Community in the workplace

The very first phygital internal communications solution

Combining large screen display touch screen digital monitors with web and mobile communication apps to connect with 100% of all staff.

Meet the companies busy revolutionising their internal communications thanks to Steeple

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An innovative solution that's accessible to all – even low-tech staff!

Frequently Asked Questions about Steeple's features

  • What’s the difference between Steeple and a social media platform?

    Steeple is a corporate community tool that allows users to engage in top-down, bottom-up and lateral communication. It is a phygital solution combining the physical (touch screen monitor) and the digital (web and mobile employee communication app).

  • Is there a trial version of the solution?

    We don’t offer a trial version of Steeple. You can however request a personalised demo of our solution.

  • Can I customise the screens and digital display with my company’s colours?

    Our solution is designed to be perfectly adapted to your company’s graphic charter. Add your logo, select your colours, and get started!

  • Do you offer follow-up support once the tool has been set up?

    Check-ins are scheduled every two months to assess how your community is doing, pinpoint how you can improve, and tweak your action points.