A notification system that respects work-life balance.

  • At your convenience!

    Customisable notifications to suit you.

  • Easy to configure

    From the general settings.

  • Targeted notifications

    For even more possibilities.

It's your choice!

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Answers to your questions about the Steeple application

  • How do I manage my notifications?

    To manage your notifications from your personal space, open the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen, under your name, and click on General settings. Once on the General settings page, go to My notifications

  • Can I manage the type of notification on mobile?

    Yes, you can manage the type of notification on mobile (IOS and Android): sound alert, banner, sticker, etc.

  • Can we manage notifications for employees, whether they receive them or not?

    Each user of the solution manages the notifications linked to their account.