Become a Steeple partner

Introduce your clients to the world of digitalisation tools by offering them the very first phygital internal communications solution!

Meet the companies busy revolutionising their internal communications thanks to Steeple

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Support clients in their digital transformation and send your sales sky-rocketing!

An innovative solution that's accessible to all – even low-tech staff!

Frequently Asked Questions about Steeple's partnership

  • Can you support us with offering Steeple to our clients?

    Of course. Your partnership manager will provide you with tools and tips for helping your clients improve their internal communications.

  • How can I become a Steeple partner?

    Simply make an appointment to speak to us so we can discuss how we might fit, and learn more about why you want to give your clients access to Steeple.

  • Do you provide the digital screens?

    It’s up to you. Screen monitors are available, with no obligation to buy. This means you can subscribe to a turnkey package that includes the Steeple solution + screens, or you can use your own monitors, provided they’re touch screen. ?

  • What’s your pricing model?

    Our package is priced at €2 excl. VAT/month/employee, and includes the solution, coaching and support.

  • How can I get a demo?

    Contact us for a demonstration of our solution, and to find out more about what a partnership could do for you.