Touch board

Interact with colleagues on company news!

  • Non-discriminatory

    All employees are informed, regardless of their position or location.

  • Accessible

    Placed in a break room or collaboration area to create a bond.

  • Easy to use

    Install the screen in a flash for immediate use!

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Answers to your questions about the Steeple touch board

  • Are screens provided?

    No, the subscription includes the solution, guidance and support. For the touch screen, you have two options. Either the turnkey package with Steeple (subscription + touch screen package), or by your own means via another supplier. We are here to advise you on this.

  • Can we launch Steeple with touch screens in the current health context (Covid-19)?

    Steeple offers to set up its screens for people who continue to work face-to-face. The screens can still be deployed safely by using our anti-bacterial film application service provider if required. You can also launch Steeple 100% digital in just 24 hours (Web and Application support).

  • Are interactions anonymous on the screen?

    No, interactions are never anonymous on the touch screen.