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Hire us to get the best return on your investment by lowering your costs and increasing your conversions on search engine ads.

PPC campaigns that convert more prospects.

PPC management services get results.

Pay per click management of your search engine ad campaigns produce the best results. We do campaign analysis, keyword selection, creation of effective ads, and CPA minimization. Based on years of data analysis to better understand audience behaviors, we build effective PPC ad campaigns that convert. We provide real time reporting and performance adjustments to maximize ROI.

Campaigns with automated retargeting technologies.

Make multiple appeals to qualified prospects.

PPC retargeting strategies allow you to make multiple appeals to a select group of qualified prospects. Targeted campaigns based on qualified prospects have a much higher close rate than a shotgun style mass media appeal. Our PPC technology programs allow you to make a second appeal to those visitors who come to your landing page but for some reason don't convert.

Complete PPC Management Services

Hire Steeple to optimize your PPC campaign.

PPC Discovery


We evaluate your expectations and the efforts needed to achieve them.

PPC Strategy


We focus on audience behaviors, keywords, landing pages, and conversion metrics.

PPC Creative


Our copywriters design textual ads along with custom landing pages that convert.

PPC Launch


We use PPC campaign tools to launch a structured and coordinated ad campaign.

PPC Management


We monitor ad performance and make adjustments based on preset guidelines.

PPC Reporting


Our clients get to see the reporting metrics on each ppc campaign to measure ROI.

What makes Steeple PPC campaigns different?

Steeple paid search and PPC ads are designed to be relevant and appealing.

If our pay per click ad campaigns don't give our customers a significant return on investment, then we're out of business. That's why we sweat the details over every PPC campaign that we manage, each Google Ad that we build. Our PPC specialists make sure every ad used in a campaign gets the click-through rates and conversion rates needed to be effective. Non-performers are quickly replaced, even those with the most creative design.

Whether it's a textual ad served alongside the search results of a Google page or other popular search engines, each ad is built on quantifiable variables with the geographical location and target audience clearly in focus. Steeple PPC management services gets great results because we do the research and we keep our hand on the pulse of your campaign. Pay per click ads is part computer science, part creative arts. It takes both to be successful.

Steeple is the best solution for PPC management services in Amarillo, Texas. Give us a call. Find out what we can do for you.

  • 22-Years of Experience
  • Highest PPC Conversion Rates
  • One Happy Customer at a Time

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Profitable Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns

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Our landing pages undergo two-factor multivariate analysis.

Better PPC conversions through research.

We don't shoot from the hip when it comes to designing successful landing pages. We know that your landing page is your best opportunity to persuade a visitor to convert into a prospect. That's why we do A/B testing on landing pages to figure out which page gets the best results. It's a bit OCD of us. But while most PPC campaigns fail, our campaigns are usually successful.

We balance PPC automation with hands on West Texas know how.

Better value optimization keeps costs lower.

Most of our PPC campaigns run on autopilot. We let Google algorithms do the calculations and problem-solving operations for us. This process of automation is used to launch campaigns, adjust bids, and boost under-performing ads. Our PPC management specialists manage the details every step of the way, and are involved for those times when manual human intervention is necessary.

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