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Should Business and Ministry be Exclusive?

Picture with me the tracks of a train. Two parallel lines running side by side. The train can’t run if one of the tracks is missing. The train requires both tracks to get from one place to the next.

Now picture with me a professional called into business by his Maker. This professional is gifted at business. He thrives in the marketplace. His business is running like a fine tuned machine. He loves business. He knows the Lord has made him for this mountain of influence.

He also has a heart for the ministry. He knows his place is also to fulfill the great commission. He’s anointed in all he does in traditional church settings. He can teach, preach and lead a prayer meeting with passion. He loves ministry. He knows the Lord has called him to this mountain of influence as well.

Which one does he choose? Does he have to choose one over the other? I submit he is a “train” and he needs both tracks to run well in this life that he has been given. Take one away and he will go nowhere. Only concentrate on one and the other track will suffer and cause a crash due to lack of care.

Like a Train Running on Two Rails

I suggest he puts his whole heart into business and ministry. The Lord is so much more creative and talented than the boxes we put him in. I say we release ourselves to be who the Lord created us to be even if it doesn’t fit the mold that the world has created. We are in a season of unprecedented growth. We need everyone in every sector of this world to shine big, bright and bold for the Lord, because, folks, it’s pretty dark out there.

Are you a two-track person in business? We are. We love business but we also have a heart for ministry. We are keeping both tracks up and running. It has taken us way too many years to figure this out and to give ourselves permission to be both.

When a book on business is read and digested, the next book read may be on prayer. Tim will feel the same anointing in a business meeting across from a client solving his marketing issues as he does behind a pulpit. When I’m running numbers and getting things paid for the company I’m just as favored and blessed as when I prepare the house and pour into the people who come to our weekly prayer meeting. This train called our life is moving at a fast pace, both tracks fully laid out as far out as we can see.

So go for it! Lay your tracks out. Give yourself permission to dream with God with a joyful anticipation of good things to come.

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