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Fix Google penalties, link audit assessments, remove and disavow bad links, and deep clean your SEO.

Extensive Google penalty assessment services.

Identify the cause. Implement a fix. Recover your search results.

Since Google Penguin, it seems like Google’s algorithm is getting a lot smarter and a lot harder to fix. Getting an SEO penalty assessment can takes days of work to find and fix without the proper SEO tools. It’s not just link building, content marketing and social media that affect page rank and site traffic. Getting a manual penalty for unnatural links, duplicate content, or thin content can cause a ranking drop, traffic drop or both. Digital marketing experts, web designers, and SEO consultants hold their breath every time there’s a new algorithm update.

If you received a notification from Google about a penalty applied to your website, it means your website is not as visible in the search engines as it once was. Our SEO team can identify the cause of the penalty. Then we can and put together an action plan to get you back in line with Google best practices as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive link audit evaluation services.

We remove shady links to get you back in good graces with Google.

One of the most common Google penalties is because of unnatural incoming links. These are either substandard or toxic. Our comprehensive link audit evaluates the quality and source of your incoming links to determine the overall health of your site. Some unscrupulous web designers and SEO companies purchase incoming links from questionable link farms to boost your site’s search engine optimization. But these black hat link building strategies are commonly penalized by Google.

Amarillo's Specialized SEO Company

A comprehensive toolkit of specialized SEO services to help keep your site up and running for the long haul.

Backlink Audit

Backlink Audit

We catalog your link assets to resolve any mitigating issues that directly impact your website penalty assessment.

Manual Investigation

Manual Investigation

We manually check content on your website to make sure it meets Google's webmaster and search console guidelines.

Removal Requests

Removal Requests

When file removal requests with Google to remove content that doesn't meet guidelines to clear your site for search.

Link Disavow

Link Disavow

We find and disavow links from shady external sites to your website to optimize the ranking factors for your site.



Each penalty is carefully examined, fixed and then re-submitted to Google for reappraisal and validation.

SEO Reporting


We keep track of the latest developments and rulings by the search engines to implement updated SEO strategy.

Manual penalty removal and repairing thin content.

Identify issues to recover your site from Google penalties.

Gone are the dinosaur days when we used to create content to catch the attention of the search engines. To an extent we still write for search engines. But it has become very sophisticated. Google has written into its algorithms filters that are supposed to catch websites that are trying to scam the system. Search engines have deemed such behavior as malicious and punishes website accordingly. Websites that hide content from the user or add unnatural spammy words fall into this category. Sometimes it’s easy to locate and remove the malicious content. But usually it’s better to keep the valuable parts and rewrite the content from scratch.

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