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The Euro 2024 Football Championship is more than just a sporting event. For companies, it represents a golden opportunity to strengthen communication and team cohesion.  


By making the most of this event, companies can not only boost employee commitment but also strengthen team spirit.
Here's how and why companies should seize this opportunity. 👇

#1 – Why communicate internally about the Euro?

Stimulating commitment and motivation

Football, and particularly an event as high-profile as the Euro, creates strong passions and emotions.
By communicating around Euro 2024, companies can capitalize on this excitement to boost employee commitment and motivation. This creates a more dynamic and positive working atmosphere, where everyone feels involved and valued.

Strengthening team cohesion

The Euro offers a unique opportunity to bring employees together around a common interest.
By encouraging activities linked to this event, companies encourage interaction between colleagues from different departments and hierarchical levels. This helps to strengthen team cohesion and develop a sense of belonging to the company.

Enhancing corporate culture

By integrating the Euro 2024 into internal communications, companies show that they are listening to the interests and passions of their employees. This reinforces the positive perception of the company and enhances its culture, making it more attractive and inclusive.

#2 – Launch an internal prediction competition

Creating excitement and interactivity

A prediction competition can create an exciting dynamic within the company. Employees can submit their predictions on the outcome of matches, adding an element of friendly competition. This initiative encourages interactivity and allows employees to connect over light-hearted and enjoyable discussions.

Encouraging ongoing commitment

To maintain employee interest throughout the tournament, it is crucial to structure the competition in an engaging way. For example, by providing regular updates on the rankings and offering attractive rewards for the best predictors. This can include symbolic prizes or, why not, real rewards such as football shirts, tickets for a match or something else.

Using digital tools

To effectively manage a prediction competition, companies can use digital tools such as competition management platforms or dedicated applications. These tools simplify the collection of predictions and the monitoring of results, while offering a fluid and intuitive user experience.



Steeple's users can use a module specially dedicated to the Euro 2024 to liven up the period on a daily basis and simplify the prediction competition.
On the news feed, oddsmakers can follow their ranking live and add their predictions at the click of a button. What better way to liven up your coffee break than with a simplified results tracker on the screen in the break room?
Little extra: any employee can participate, whether or not they are on site or have access to a computer, thanks to the mobile application and touch screens in key places.

With Steeple's Euro module, say goodbye to the Weleda results table that has to be updated daily, and make the competition inclusive!

#3 – Organizing events to bring people together

We don't have to tell you, organizing intern events helps to strengthen staff cohesion and team spirit! So combining events and sport is the perfect combo to get employees into a festive, friendly mood.

Broadcast matches live

Organizing group match viewing sessions within the company can be an excellent way of bringing employees together. Whether in a meeting room transformed for the occasion or a relaxation area, these shared moments create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Organize themed workshops and activities

Alongside the broadcasts, themed workshops and activities can be organized. For example, cooking workshops based on the culinary specialities of the participating countries or quizzes on the history of the Euro. These activities add a fun and educational dimension to the event.

Plan themed days

Introducing themed days linked to the competing teams can also strengthen team spirit. For example, a day in the colors of the national team or in-house sporting challenges. These initiatives encourage enthusiasm and commitment among employees.


#4 – How can we communicate internally about the Euro 2024?

Planning and timetable

Communication around the Euro must be carefully planned. A calendar of matches and internal events should be issued in advance to allow all employees to get organized. This calendar can be shared via your internal communication tool. 

Use of internal communication channels

For an effective communication, it is important to use all available internal channels: intranet, newsletters, posters on the premises and corporate social networks. To simplify the process, the ideal solution is to use a digital internal communications tool that can reach all employees at the same time. A tool like Steeple allows information to be distributed in real time to all employees via the internet interface, mobile app or touch screens. So, whether employees are connected or not, whether they are on-site, remotely or on the road, everyone will have the same level of information.

Creating an engaging content

Creating engaging content is essential to keep employees interested. This can include blog posts about the teams and players, interviews with football fans within the company, or humorous videos about preparations for the Euro. The aim is to create an emotional link with the event.

Why not use the publication ideas provided by Steeple? Whether you're organizing an event, a prediction competition or even communications inspired by the Euros, there's a publication idea available. It's up to you to pick and choose!

Encouraging active participation

Finally, if communication around the Euro is to be a success, it is crucial to encourage the active participation of employees. This can be done by soliciting their opinions and suggestions, organizing surveys or setting up discussion forums.
This participative approach creates a sense of belonging and collective commitment.

#5 – Communicating internally during Euro 2024: what you need to remember

The Euro is much more than a sport event: it's an exceptional opportunity to strengthen internal communication and unite company teams.
By launching prediction competitions, organizing federative events and communicating effectively, companies can transform this competition into a real lever for cohesion and commitment.
Are you ready for the Euro in your company? Then take a look at our guide, which summarizes how you can liven up your in-house communication during the Euros with our dedicated module:




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