organiser les evenements internes d'entreprise

Published on 27/05/2024

Internal communication covers a number of actions. Internal events are one of them. They are one of the keys to:

  • Improve your company's internal communications
  • Unite your employees

New Year's Eve ceremonies, welcoming a new employee, Christmas parties, product launches, and so on. These moments of life in the workplace punctuate the day-to-day life of your company and your employees.
And one thing's for sure: there's no shortage of opportunities for in-house events ! This article dedicated to in-house corporate events answers all your questions 🚀

#1 – Why is the internal event at the heart of communication ?

evenement interne entreprise

« 62% of employees say that internal events help to motivate them at work »

Are you wondering why it makes sense for your company to organize in-house events ? Here are just some of the benefits:

  • encourage, motivate
  • developing team spirit
  • strengthening employee commitment
  • improve the employer brand
  • increase productivity

Is there a difference between in-house events and internal events ? Can rituals be made into events ? If so, how ? This article, which places internal events at the heart of internal communication, answers all your questions.

#2 – How do you turn an internal event into a success ?

evenement interne succe de com' interne

« A positive corporate image will have an impact on the economic performance and the employer brand »

How do you turn an internal event into a success ?

Every company wants to hold a successful in-house event : it's a question of getting organized, devising an effective strategy for designing the event from A to Z and preparing communication initiatives in advance.
The company needs to ask itself the right logistical question:

  • Who is organizing the event?
  • What is the organizer's role and what are its objectives?
  • How to conceive the project in all its dimensions?
  • How do you communicate about the event?
  • How can you effectively measure the success of an internal event?

We share with you the keys to a successful in-house event.

#3 – How does Steeple help companies communicate about an internal event ?

bien communiquer sur un evenement d'entreprise

« 92% of employees would feel more motivated if they could put forward their ideas to the company »

Surveying employees in advance to gather their ideas, circulating announcements or invitations, disseminating information about the event, covering the event, thanking them and debriefing them once the event is over... all this is possible only if you have the right internal communications tool.

#4 – 30 ideas for in-house events

idees evenements internes en entreprise

« There is no shortage of opportunities to bring employees together »

30 ideas for in-house events

Want to get organized and put in place an effective internal communications strategy? Here are 30 ideas for in-house events to boost communication within your company.
We're sharing with you some practical examples of how to communicate about the event and some ideas of posts to give event organizers a helping hand for :

  • the relocation
  • the seminar
  • an employee's seniority anniversary
  • Christmas party
  • company figures, etc.

Get ready for a great time together !

#5 – How can the Euro 2024 be turned into an internal corporate event ?

evenement football euro 2021

« Experience some intense moments from Friday 14 June 2024 ! »

Friday 14 June 2024 marks the eagerly-awaited start of the European Football Championship ! Steeple is offering a dedicated module to mark the occasion ! And to liven things up even more, Steeple's flagship features are still available: 

  • the countdown
  • publications
  • suggestions
  • instant messaging


So it's up to you to play the game and come up with a whole multitude of activities to celebrate the event:

  • rewarding the best forecasters
  • organize match viewings at the office
  • organize breakfasts to discuss match results
  • and much more, depending on your ideas

So, are you ready to get into the game ?

Download the Steeple guide to the top 10 in-house events you can organize :


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