Target your messages even more precisely

Use the instant messaging of the Steeple collaborative tool to communicate in real time individually or in groups over chat channels, and collaborate effectively and easily with your colleagues.

instant messaging feature of steeple
instant messaging feature one to one chats
instant messaging feature one to one chats

One-to-one chats

Send the information to the right person


With Steeple messaging, each member can engage in a conversation with a colleague simultaneously from their computer or mobile device.


To send out a new schedule, notify a change to a project and reduce the volume of emails, your employees can work together in real time at any moment, wherever they are.

Group chat

Communicate between team members


Group messaging strengthens cohesion within your company and facilitates exchanges between employees working at different sites.


With Steeple messaging, you can name conversations by team name or by project, and make day-to-day work easier by communicating instantly and distributing media files.


messaging chat group steeple application
messaging chat group steeple application


feature messaging steeple software
feature messaging steeple software


window chat instant messaging steeple
window chat instant messaging steeple

Multi-content management

Share easily and without limits


Work colleagues can share photos and videos to bring their text messages to life, and distribute PDF documents such as the instructions for a new production machine or the holiday schedule. Thanks to the extensive library of emojis and animated Gifs, everyone can express their opinions instantly and interact in a fun way.

Notification management

Take control of your alerts


Set up your professional messaging and control your notification management. You can choose to be immediately alerted when you receive a new message. You can "disable notifications" and mute a chat if you no longer wish to be alerted of a new message. 


instant messaging feature user
instant messaging feature user


steeple instant messaging notifications
steeple instant messaging notifications

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Deliver engaging real-time messages

platform modules feature


Create the solution tailored to your business

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Reach 100% of your colleagues

platform statistics feature


Mesure the impact of your internal communications

platform notifications feature


Take control of your alerts

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