Deliver the right information at the right time

Amplify the reach of information with real-time posts on your news feed. Easy to create and share, posts are the conduit for all the news about your company and each department.

steeple posts feature
steeple multi community management
steeple multi community management
steeple publications for your own community
steeple publications for your own community

Multi-community management

Communicate news to the right target audience


A community system allows you to instantly select the right target audience to reach.


Does information concern the entire company? Does information pertain to a specific site? Multi-site communication will no longer be a problem.

Categories and access rights

Organise information and contributions


Categories and subcategories enable efficient organisation of information within your community based on the topics covered (Management, HR, Works Council, etc.).


An access rights management system also allows for the secure distribution of content within the tool.

publications feature and contributors
publications feature and contributors
plateform publications management
plateform publications management

Multimedia management

Illustrate your messages without limits


Enhance your publications with photos, videos, PDF documents and GIFS to enhance the impact of your message and inform as many employees as possible at a glance.


Collect opinions in an instant


Involve your employees in the company's life through surveys. Gather valuable data by inviting all employees to express their views.

publications feature surveys
publications feature surveys

Likes & comments

Encourage interaction


Thanks to likes and comments, you can stimulate your employees' engagement on posts.

The use of GIFS and emoji libraries makes all the reactions even more lively.

steeple platform likes and comments
plateform steeple interactions
posts feature save draft
posts feature save draft
posts feature scheduled program
posts feature scheduled program

Draft and scheduling

Get organised and boost your efficiency


Draft mode

Save your post as a draft and continue editing later. This mode is also ideal for saving a template.



Post on the date and time of your choice. It's  ideal for getting organised and building a well-paced editorial calendar.

Automatic translation

Internationalise your communications effortlessly


Go beyond borders and engage all your teams with automatic translation in over 133 languages.


Postings are translated in real time into the language of your choice!

steeple platform automatic translation
steeple platform automatic translation

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Create the solution tailored to your business

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Reach 100% of your colleagues

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Chat instantly with one or more colleagues

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Take control of your alerts

platform statistics feature


Mesure the impact of your internal communications

Do you want to involve all your employees ?

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