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With the numerous modules of the Steeple solution, create the internal communications tool tailored to your business, effectively inform your employees, and meet the daily needs of your teams.

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Facebook page

Share your Facebook page directly on the bulletin board.

steeple countdown module


An important event coming up? Alert your staff by adding a countdown to make them eager to participate.

steeple events module


No one will ever say they didn't know! Organise, plan and show your community's highlights.

steeple rss feed module

RSS feed

Distribute information via RSS feed.

steeple idea box module

Idea box

Setting up an idea box helps to motivate employees. This is a great way to involve employees in the company's activity!

members and organisation chart module

Organizational chart

Always have an up-to-date representation of all your employees in the company.

steeple birthday module
Life at work


Don't miss the opportunity to wish everyone in your community a happy birthday.

Life at work

Tips for the European Football Championships

Who will be the best tipster of the European football championships in your community?

steeple top 14 predictions module
Life at work

Top 14 bets

Rugby fans? The oval ball is now coming to your company with a prediction module that is as fun as it is unifying.

steeple match result module
Life at work

Match results

Is your organisation a fan of a football team? Follow all its results and news.

steeple bell module
Life at work


Your visitors can now let you know when they arrive. A notification or an email will be sent to you.

steeple seniority module
Life at work


This module is a way of showing appreciation and highlighting an employee's loyalty.

steeple well-being at work module
Life at work

Well-being at work

Job satisfaction is important for everyone. So assess how they feel and survey their well-being within the company!

steeple weather module
Animation & involvement


Come out looking your best! Will it be rainy or sunny today? Keep up to date with the weather in your area.

steeple quotes module
Animation & involvement


Your employees need to be inspired and motivated. Help them every day with an inspirational quote.

steeple top contributors module
Animation & involvement

Top contributors

View the ranking of interactions in real time. It encourages interactions and is good fun for employees.

steeple advent calendar module
Animation & involvement

Advent calendar

Reinvent the advent calendar. From 1 to 25 December, give a gift to one of your employees. We randomly draw the winner every day.

steeple easter module
Animation & involvement


Récompensez aléatoirement les salariés les plus gourmands avec ce tirage au sort chocolaté !

steeple random draw module
Animation & involvement

Random draw

Feel like rewarding your employees? Nothing better with the random draw module.

steeple indicator module


Create and customise your own indicators. Integrate and show the relevant KPIs that are essential for monitoring your activity.

steeple room booking module

Room booking

Need a room? A workspace? Check the availability of rooms and book directly on Steeple.

steeple workplace accident counter module

Workplace accident counter

Is safety at work a key issue for you? Raise employee awareness through automatic counters.

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