How to involve employees in internal communications despite the distance ?

Discover how the Steeple solution makes it easier to involve employees on the move in internal communications.

client testimony etyo logistique
client testimony etyo logistique

The company Etyo

Etyo is a company that operates in real estate, supply chain, and sustainable development projects in France and Europe. The company has several sites (Paris, Lyon, Lille and Nantes) and has 75 employees.


Most of them are frequently on the move, alternating between a day at the office, a day at a construction site or with a client, and a day in meetings. Therefore, there is a need to communicate with all employees regardless of their geographical location.

75 employees


4 sites


Service sector

etyo communicates with its employees remotely
etyo communicates with its employees remotely

Communicating with remote employees 

The company used 3 internal communications channels :


• A team WhatsApp group with brief updates and photos of construction sites.


• An ERP, a management software with a message board where official information (departures, arrivals, HR information, etc.) was shared, but the tool was limited to text.


Emails, but employees hesitated to respond; it wasn't collaborative or convenient for sharing videos or surveys

The results of implementing Steeple


of employees


of users


of use
on the mobile app

A successful launch !

To inform all staff about the introduction of the Steeple phygital solution, the company communicated to them the main reasons for this choice, including the need for cross-functional communication. The internal communications tool was presented by email a month before it was rolled out, and employees were immediately enthusiastic.


The interactive touchscreen was installed in the lobby of the new offices and a countdown was programmed to officially launch Steeple and create excitement. On the day of the launch, a breakfast was organised with employees, accompanied by a demonstration of the tool. Tutorial-style posts were shared with the employees registered on Steeple. The transition to the new tool was therefore smooth and swift ! 

countdown module of the steeeple tool
countdown module of the steeeple tool
post feature of steeple used by etyo
post feature of steeple used by etyo
etyo uses the steeple platform to communicate
etyo uses the steeple platform to communicate

Cross-functional communication

Important news is shared on Steeple, and everyone can share information. Interaction, comments, likes, gifs, discussions and so on give the site a dynamic, collaborative feel.  Since using Steeple, internal communications are no longer just top-down, but cross-functional.


Employees are invited to share their expertise and even those who are more reserved share content on a daily basis.

Inclusivity and well-being at work


Popular features

The Top contributors module was launched with a competition to win a bottle of champagne. Employees immediately took part, liking and posting to earn points. From now on, this idea will be repeated every month!

The Advent Calendar module is also a big hit at Christmas time !


The posts are very popular and cover a wide range of subjects: HR news, internal events, official announcements (committee minutes, information about work being carried out on the premises, etc.), business interviews, document sharing, and so on.

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