Who are we?

Steeple :
a passion, a mission, a vision!

Steeple brings together passionate and committed women and men who wholeheartedly embrace the company's mission and values.

the passion and mission of steeple employees
picture of jean-baptiste de bel air president of steeple
picture of jean-baptiste de bel air president of steeple

Our vision

Improving life at work


"We help companies to build a strong and effective internal communications. We provide the means for thousands of work colleagues who use Steeple every day to inform and be informed in real-time, to exchange, interact and create social connections, regardless of their job or distance. We believe in the power of transparency, cohesion and well-being at work, which is why we are committed to offering a collaborative tool dedicated to enhancing employee engagement."


— Jean-Baptiste de Bel-Air, President of Steeple

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ambition of the steeple company


Everyone gives their all and stands up for their ideas to ensure Steeple's success.

passion of the steeple company


With love and generosity, we create a unique solution deeply rooted in people, proximity and company culture.

honesty of the steeple's company


It is essential for establishing a climate of trust and building solid relationships with our clients and our teams.

humility of the steeple company


Being able to question oneself, acknowledge mistakes, and learn from others to improve.

curiosity and awareness of steeple employees


To be constantly attentive, have a thirst for learning, and understand what surrounds us.

The Steeple story

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history of the steeple company

2014: The name Steeple

 The brainstorming begins and the steeple points out of the window: the name Steeple takes on its full meaning !
the creation of steeple in 2015

2015: The creation of the company

The Steeple company is born and initially develops a tool aimed at facilitating internal communications for students. The project gradually takes shape.
arrival of the steeple's touchscreen

2016 : The touchscreen

Decisive turning point : the interactive touchscreen is designed to reach 100% of work colleagues.
growth of the steeple company

2018: The first million euros in turnover

The need for an effective internal communications tool is paramount. The phygital solution is winning over more and more companies.
steeple takes on the spanish market

2021 : Spain

Steeple sets out to conquer Spain and opens offices in Barcelona.
steeple exceeds 1,000 customers in 2022

2022: The milestone of 1000 clients

Steeple establishes itself as one of the leaders in internal communications in France
steeple to conquer europe in 2023

2023 : Conquering Europe

Steeple expands across Europe, including Germany, Benelux, and Italy
the great ambitions of steeple company

Coming soon: The next chapter of the adventure

New clients, a growing team... the future of Steeple will be full of exciting surprises !
the beginning of steeple company in 2013

2013 : The student project

This marks the beginning of the peer support platform based on student communities. 

Steeple in 3 key figures



Over 1000 companies trust Steeple to improve their internal communications.



We are proud to be a fully self-funded company, and it's not about to stop !



Steeple is a team of over 100 people located in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Steeple near you

Our teams are present throughout Europe


Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse
ours offices in rennes and in france
ours offices in rennes and in france


our office in frankfurt germany
our office in frankfurt germany


our office in milano italy
our office in milano italy


our office in barcelona spain
our office in barcelona spain

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