Measure the impact of your internal communications

Access all the statistical data you need to better understand how your employees are using the Steeple solution and exceed your objectives, because as the saying goes: "You only improve what you measure".

steeple statistics data feature
statistics feature steeple dashboard
statistics feature steeple dashboard

Members dashboard 

Analyse the activity of your teams


View statistics related to your users such as the registration rate, active user rate, mobile app usage rate, touch screen usage rate, and contributor rate. 

Performance indicators

Measure the impact of each posting


Identify your average postings over the months to better adjust your editorial calendar.


Discover the performance of each post in terms of the number of views, likes, and comments


Asses which devices your employees use most to access information.



kpi key performance indicator statistics feature
kpi key performance indicator statistics feature

Level system

Position yourself independently to take on the next challenges


With the 4 levels of progression available on the control panel, you can climb the ladder and become the master of your internal communications. These levels allow you to involve, federate, tightly bind and unify the members of your community

system levels of steeple dashboard
system levels of steeple dashboard

Monthly community trends

Access a monthly summary of key indicators


Steeple's monthly community trends is a monthly statistical summary to discover whether your communication activities have been successful. This analysis highlights the evolution of interactions according to the device used based on a set of indicators

weather statistics feature
weather statistics feature

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Deliver engaging real-time messages

platform modules feature


Create the solution tailored to your business

platform devices feature


Reach 100% of your colleagues

platform instant messaging feature


Chat instantly with one or more colleagues

platform notifications feature


Take control of your alerts

Discover up close what Steeple can offer you

Discover the other features of the Steeple tool during a personalised demonstration.

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