Multi-device management


Reach 100% of your colleagues

How can you reach all your colleagues instantly ? Quite simply thanks to the only internal communication solution available on 3 devices : touchscreen, smartphone and computer.


Steeple adapts to all your teams and professions to provide real-time information, whether they are in the field, on the road, in the office, and whether they are familiar with new technologies or not.

multi device tool communication


touchscreen multi devices tool
touchscreen multi devices tool

The touchscreen

All the news directly in the break room


With the interactive touchscreen, engage all your teams through an interface that allows them to access 100% of the information. Find the latest news of your company directly in the break room and interact freely.

The mobile app

All the information at your fingertips


Involve all your teams on the road or in the field. Download the Steeple app directly from the stores and give every member of staff the chance to exchange information simply and feel part of the company.

steeple mobile application
steeple mobile application
steeple multi devices platform
steeple multi devices platform


steeple solution desktop and web versions
steeple solution desktop and web versions

The web version

More comfort for more possibilities


With the Steeple web version, your colleagues have a comfortable interface for posting information and getting organised. This version also provides better access to full administration. The ideal way to monitor all your communications.

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platform publications feature


Deliver engaging real-time messages

platform modules feature


Create the solution tailored to your business

platform instant messaging feature


Chat instantly with one or more colleagues

platform statistics feature


Mesure the impact of your internal communications

platform notifications feature


Take control of your alerts

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