The Steeple culture

Sharing a beautiful story, together

We offer a positive work environment and share strong values so that everyone can unleash their full potential and thrive on a daily basis.

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Steeple inside


Experience 1 year of life at work with our staff

Discover a fully transparent documentary, combining the different teams, events and highlights that make Steeple a unifying company.

inside the steeple's culture

Why join us ?

Joining Steeple means choosing to commit yourself alongside dedicated and dynamic women and men. It also means embracing human values within a supportive work environment.

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Events to bring people together

Real moments of sharing, our events strengthen team cohesion, cultivate our company culture, and allow everyone to have a good time.

steeple break's event in 2022

Life at work in the words of our staff

An engaging phygital solution !

The arrival of a new colleague, key company results, photos of a finished product or project... With Steeple, get 100% of your teams involved in internal communications and life at work !
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