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Published on 31/03/2022

Did you know? It is recognised that the less people know about each other, the more difficult it is to understand and accept them. And this is often the case in the world of work.


To get to know each other, to understand a job and its needs and to create links, "live my life" plays a fundamental role in companies.


Confronting each person’s difficulties by observing a job is the best way to understand the organisation of an employee, the functioning of a department and to be more efficient.


But beyond the professional skills and objectives, Live my life helps to create links, improve team cohesion and develop social cohesion. We decipher everything you need to know about live my life in a company in this article!

#1 – Why establish live my life in the company?

Empathy is a crucial human quality: if you understand your colleagues better, you are able to work together better. 

Admitting a plurality of points of view is the basis of the collaborative space.

Behaviour and innovation

Live my life in the company is so valuable because it helps to develop this quality. Among other things, it allows you to:

  • Discover the technical language of a department, thus better understand the work of others and avoid misunderstandings which are a source of tension later on. According to Mailjet’s study, 56% of French marketers surveyed have lost productivity because of misinterpreted instructions from a team member.

  • Be aware of each other’s issues: you may realise that the « little-postponement-of-nothing-of-anything-promised » that is requested in fact constitutes a significant obstacle to the work of others.

  • Take a broader view of the business: see that the « site change » that you didn’t want to prioritise has a considerable impact on the overall project. And therefore work smarter! This also requires better communication.

  • Create good social cohesion: a company is above all the result of cooperation between employees. Let’s keep in mind that the social link and the sense of belonging is the key to an effective company.

#2 – When to implement live my life?

No need to wait for a fire! If well organised, the ‘Live my life in the company‘ approach will always have a refreshing and cohesive impact. But it seems even more interesting at times: 

  • When a new employee joins the company: you can take advantage of this to show them the company in a more global way and create links that will favour their integration.

  • After identifying departments that often work together and have communication problems.

  • When the company is compartmentalised: if its activities cover several areas (as in the construction industry), the company naturally « sectors » itself. In this case, live my job can be extremely positive in order to create links between employees who rarely, if ever, meet!

#3 – How to effectively implement live my job in the company?

First of all, everyone has to play the live my life in the company game.


It is preferable to work in pairs, so that no one feels left out and there is a better understanding. The idea is based on musical chairs: if a salesperson goes to find out about the HR teams, it might be a good idea for an HR person to go and find out about the salespeople. In this way, neither team is « outnumbered », and the interaction, connection and experience are doubled.


Internal communication is also necessary: to inform employees of the process, to allow them to register (for example with Steeple!), but also to recognise and highlight the courage of those who take the plunge. 


Steeple tip : It may be a good idea to rely on leaders to oversee the live my life in the company operation. People who have excellent links with their teams, to support the experience in a caring way.


According to Aract, it is very important to carry out an immediate assessment after the experience. Followed at M+1 by a cold assessment to fully understand the positive effects ! In fact, why not allow participants to share their feelings about the internal communication tool ? This may motivate others ! 


And there you have it, all the cards in your hand to make your live my life a breeze and encourage collaboration between departments rather than solitary behaviour !


Don’t forget : the most important weapon for uniting and involving employees is internal communication.

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