Surveys, videos, documents: to engage employees and enhance your messages!

  • A news feed

    The most recent information in real time.

  • A variety of content

    Video, GIF, image, survey, PDF! Everything to involve and engage your teams.

  • Multicasting

    To reach all employees.

5 types of content

4 popular features on content

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Answers to your questions about Steeple content

  • What kind of content is shared on Steeple?

    Steeple is a tool for life at work, so there are several types of information to be shared: newcomers, internal promotions, new contracts, retirements, new products, the year in review, good tips and classifieds, carpooling, surveys, events, etc. The idea is to offer a good mix of formal and informal content.

  • How is the content organised?

    Content is organised by categories and sub-categories.

  • Are survey responses anonymous in the content?

    No, survey responses are not anonymous. All employees have access to each person’s answers.