How does an international group bring its communication together for its remote and multi-skilled employees?

Discover how Steeple has had a positive impact on internal communication at Semin through the testimonies of Caroline Semin (CEO), Valérie Roch (Head of HR) and Olivier Schneider (Site Manager).


Semin Group

Semin is a French family-owned industrial group founded 180 years ago, specialising in the manufacture of building materials for the construction industry. Their core business is the manufacture of plasters for plasterers and painters. Innovation is also part of the company's DNA, with the aim of developing technical solutions that make laying easier and save time on building sites.

The group is in a growth phase. In recent years, it has acquired a number of companies, resulting in various subsidiaries within the group. Today, Semin has 8 production sites in France, 4 international production sites and 650 employees. As a result, the need was felt for a solution to improve communication between their various sites.

8 production sites in France


4 production sites abroad


650 employees


Manufacture of building materials for the construction industry 


Creating employee commitment

Giving meaning to their actions, decision-making and the company's strategy was SEMIN's main objective. With production sites scattered across France and abroad, it could be difficult to create links and develop a sense of belonging among employees.

 To reinforce this commitment and maintain it at a high level, the company chose a phygital solution that improves internal communication, relays information more effectively and strengthens the employer branding.

The results of setting up Steeple


active user rate


active admin rate


publications over the last 30 days

Strong employer branding

Steeple is helping to create a strong employer image for Semin.
Thanks to this tool, the different teams can relay their projects and successes to the whole company. This way of communicating turns employees into ambassadors for the company.
This commitment is measured through an annual social barometer in which all employees are asked the following question: "Would you recommend Semin as an employer to your friends and family? In a year's time, we have gained three points thanks to the introduction of Steeple.


Improving internal communication

It is important for employees to have a better understanding of the challenges and strategic directions that the company wishes to take. It is a way for them to feel involved in the company. haring a range of information on a collaborative tool makes it easier to understand and take appropriation of the group's strategy . It's a way of giving meaning to the strategy and to the various decision-making processes.

End of 2023, employees were able to express their opinions on the subject, and the social barometer gained more than 20 points on the aspect of "understanding the Group's strategic orientations". This result testifies to employees' satisfaction with the improvement in internal communication. 

Relaying information simpler

Information can be relayed more easily by centralising content on a single tool.
Employees are invited to go to Steeple to find all the information they might need.
This is a way of ensuring consistency between the various communications.

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